Things You Get When You Buy Linux VPS from 1Gbits

Virtual Private Servers or VPS is one of the best solutions to simplify your online or virtual activities. Companies or internet users can have an effective IT management. Nowadays, VPS is compatible with all types of operating systems, including Linux. One of the trusted Linux VPS providers is 1Gbits. Let’s take a look at the details below, so you can buy Linux VPS just like what you need.

Things You Get When You Buy Linux VPS from 1Gbits


You can enjoy several great features when you use Linux VPS by 1Gbits. One of them is wider locations. The provider has servers in several countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Romania, and also Lithuania. The location of the servers allows you to use the VPS anywhere you want. The VPS system is compatible with the most popular Linux operating systems, including Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD. You can use the VPS faster and in a great performance, it doesn’t matter the Linux operating system.

Moreover, you can also use the service immediately. Once you finish the payment, the service is ready to use within 15 minutes. The provider supports the VPS service with the latest Intel and Supermicro hardware and high-speed HDD in RAID10 configuration. You will also get 24/7 support services and contact them with several options. You can send your questions via the ticketing system, emails, phone calls, Skype, and online chat. The team will try to answer your question right away. They will try to give the best solution, so you can use the service normally just like before.

The Support from the Provider 

So, what does the provider do to support your online or virtual activities with its VPS service? When you buy Linux VPS by 1Gbits, you are about to use a VPS with high-end hardware such as the latest Intel processor and Supermicro hardware. The provider uses high-quality hardware to provide stable and efficient servers. The stable performance is also because the provider uses a powerful Vmware ESXi hypervisor.

Linux VPS Plans by 1Gbits 

1Gbits offers 4 different plans which are Linux VPS 1, Linux VPS 2, Linux VPS 3, and Linux VPS 4. The difference between each of the plans is on the CPU, RAM, and HDD. Linux VPS 1 is using 1-core CPU, along with 512 MB RAM and 10GB HDD. On the other hand, Linux VPS 2, Linux VPS 3, and Linux VPS 4 are using 2-core CPU. Linux VPS 2 has 1024 MB RAM capacity whereas Linux VPS 3 has 2048 MB RAM and Linux VPS 4 has 4096 MB RAM. The HDD is also different in which Linux VPS 2 is using 25GB HDD whereas Linux VPS 3 and 4 are using 40GB and 60GB HDD. All of the plans are offering unlimited Bandwidth. The 4 plans are using 1 free IP V4 and V6. They are compatible with all types of Linux Operating Systems such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD. Indeed, you will get full SSH access no matter the plan you choose.


1Gbits offers the Linux VPS at affordable prices. The lowest price is $15 per month and the highest price is $60. You can also choose to use $22 or $40 per month to get a great online or virtual experience.

Steps to Order 

The way to buy Linux VPS by 1Gbits is easy. You only have to do 3 simple steps. First, you have to configure your VPS service. This is the step where you choose the plan, location, operating system, control panel, fully managed support or not, and whether you want to use extra IP or not. The configuration you choose determines the cost of the VPS service. Second, once you configure the VPS you want to use, you have to login or register to your account. Third, check the cost you have to pay on the pricing cart. Finish the payment and let the provider set your VPS for 15 minutes. That’s it! you can use the VPS service to support and achieve your goals such as running applications, software, and others. You can use customer support tools if there is a problem during the registration process.


1Gbits is trying to support users who need VPS service for Linux. The service makes Linux users work immediately such as operating applications, software, and many more. Linux VPS provides a sophisticated system that allows you to run multiple platforms. Just check the details on the official website and buy Linux VPS that you need. Indeed, 1Gbits offers great plans at reasonable prices. You will get benefits just like what you have paid.


“Organic better than conventional” Which do you prefer nowadays?

The development of the times in today millenial era is always go together with technological advances. In accordance with its nature, humans will always predict to try to make all matters easier and faster without reducing the side of beauty, as a manifestation of the emotional side of the audience. This applies in almost all aspects of our lives. Whether we realize it or not, all of these efforts often give birth to negative effects that can eventually be detrimental to human survival itself. Food products are one example. We have often encountered various types of food / drinks, which in the manufacturing process have used chemicals.

The use of these ingredients has proven effective in modifying the colors and shapes that will beautify the food in question, as well as chemicals for preservatives and flavor enhancers. During the manufacturing process, it is not uncommon for food / drinks to use high technology, because in addition to the amount of production produced will also be more (bulk) compared to manually. In a matter of days or months these chemical products may not be felt for our bodies, but do you know that foods like this in the long run can have a negative impact? Consuming it continuously proves to be not good for health.

Organic better than conventional

Organic better than conventional

However this fact is complex, which means that it is closely related to the pattern of life that we live everyday. At least there have been many studies that show this. Based on this phenomenon, development and innovation are carried out to find a solution, including the application of the latest technology in organic farming.

In certain levels the practices of using these chemicals are permitted. Once again if in accordance with the rules set by the government through the health service, both the type and dosage of chemicals for food have rules that must be obeyed. Now, we can find a variety of foods and drinks that are circulating in supermarkets, malls and small shops on the roadside. Almost all of these food products contain chemicals that are usually listed in the packaging, both the type (name) and the quantity.

In health science, it is stated, in fact, in our body there are antibodies that will be able to fend off all toxins and harmful bacteria. But keep in mind that this is complex, which is greatly influenced by our lifestyle. You cannot immediately interpret it because there are other important aspects that must also be considered. Amount of nutritional needs, work activities, sleep patterns, stress management, etc. All will affect the immune system that works in our body. Apart from that, now there are other alternatives that you can try related to the food we consume, namely organic food products. Check out the reviews, still in the latest article on organic agriculture technology below.

Products in the form of organic food are claimed to be far better than ordinary food (conventional), because it is practically not containing chemicals or harmful substances in it. But unfortunately, to get organic food products like this we have to spend not a little because in our country the price is very expensive, especially for the average income of the majority of people in this country. Both expert human resources, maintenance and use of agricultural technology and organic farming, are touted as the main culprits for the high cost of organic food products in the market.

Examples of Organic Products Organic MeatBoth chicken, beef and mutton labeled with organic taste are more delicious than non-organic meat (ordinary). The diet and maintenance of these animals requires expensive costs which ultimately impact on the selling price of these organic meats.Organic VegetablesSpinach, potatoes, cabbage, mustard greens and others are a series of vegetables which in their treatment often intersect with pesticides.

Now, with organic methods we don’t need to worry to make it our daily diet.Organic MilkA natural diet that is applied to organic cattle can improve the quality of milk. In this way organic cattle will produce Omega 3 content which has an increase of touching the number 68% compared to ordinary cow’s milk.  Those are some examples of organic food products that can be an alternative to maintaining our health. Actually there are still other examples, but here we only mention the names of the foods we most often encounter.

Organic farming in its application will greatly pay attention to the balance of the environment, so that all the infrastructure / devices involved including the application of environmentally friendly technology are its main characteristics. This technology will refer to the interaction of plants, humans, animals, soil, microorganisms, ecosystems and the environment.



The Way to Use Technology for a Small Business to Gain More Customers

Although you are running a small business it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to use technology. In fact, using technology has a great role to improve the business. Here, we want to show the way to use technology for a small business. The list below shows that technology has an important role to improve your small business.

The Way to Use Technology for a Small Busines

The Way to Use Technology for a Small Busines

Use Time Tracking Software to Improve Productivity

The key to a successful business is its productivity. That’s why you have to use technology to improve productivity. Let say, you can use specific software such as Time Tracking software. Time Tracking software helps to manage your business schedule. By using this software, you can manage your business schedule well in order to use time effectively. As the result, you can be more productive than before so you can develop your business significantly.

Email Management

Just imagine how many emails you have to send and read every day? Definitely, you have to send a lot of emails, right? Instead of using a traditional way, you can improve the performance of the email by using an email management system. This technology provides you with some useful features to manage email well. You can send an email to many of your business colleagues or employees once. You can also classify which emails are the most important and have to be sent or read right away. Email management is the way to use technology for a small business faster and simpler.

Online Selling

Nowadays, people can find anything through the internet including the products and services they need. This is a great opportunity to use the internet to sell your products and services online. You can use social media, website, marketplace, and many more to sell products and services. The benefit of using the internet to sell products and services is that you get a wider market and customers. The most important thing, you don’t need to spend too much money because of them can be used for free and even you get income from this technology.

Use Blog to Target Your Market

Targeting your market is an important way to gain more customers. You can also use technology such as a blog to target your market. You just need to post articles or anything valuable in the blog and gain more visitors. The visitors will be the one who interested in your article. They find something valuable from the article. Then, you can classify and learn the detail of your visitors deeper. When you get the detail, it means you get your target market.

Use Social Media to Notify People

Social media is also a great technology because it is able to collect people around the world. At the same time, you can use social media to notify the users to your brand, products, and services. You just need to know what makes them interesting and share it with them. They will notify your social media account and it is one step closer for them to be your customers.

The point is that you have to start using technology to develop your small business. The information about the way to use technology for a small business here shows that there are some powerful media to boost your business.


How to Promote a Business Online Effectively

Promoting business in the technology era is easy. You just need to know how to promote a business using technology which you use now. This article shows you the way to do it so you can achieve your business goals.

How to Promote a Business Online

How to Promote a Business Online Effectively

Make Sure that People Know Your Presence

The idea of promoting a business is to make people or customers know your presence. If they know about you, they will find out more about your information including your business. One way to make people know your presence is by creating a LinkedIn account. Then, you can start to update the profile. Just make sure that you fill the profile completely and honestly. LinkedIn is a great technology, especially for those who want to promote their business or startup which want to introduce its services and products to the people. One of the interesting features is a recommendation feature where other members can recommend your business to others. The more members who recommend your business, you will get more trust and credibility from people or customers.

Use the Role of Local Online Directories

Using a local online directory is also how to promote a business effectively. An online directory is a good technology to help you know by the internet users. Submitting an article to the local directory helps to boost SEO or Search Engine Optimization. As the result, the directory boosts your popularity because anytime the directory shown in the first page, your article is read by people who need it. This technology is a good option for a business, company, or startup which don’t have a website yet. Some of the reputable online directories are Google Places page, Yahoo Local listing, and the Bing Business Portal. An online local directory can also help to build your business reputation and credibility.

The Power of Social Media

Social Media is the place where people meet and communicate with each other and it is a market for you. The thing you need to consider is choosing the best social media. Then, try to develop your market there. The most important thing to know is that each of social media platforms has a different marketing strategy. Just learn the social media marketing strategy first to attract users. Then, your mission is converting social media users into customers. Social media is also a technology designed to support business owners along with its useful features. Let say, there is a feature to know the data of your visitors so you can analyze your target market deeply.

Advertise Your Business

You can also advertise your business online. Besides using a personal account, you can also advertise a business through specific features. For example, Facebook ads, Pay-per-Click or PPC service, or paid to promote service, and many more. Advertise your business through a feature will grab more specific customers than just promote it from a personal account.

The thing is that promoting a business online is easier than before. You can also grab wider customers because the internet is used by people around the world. The list above shows to you how to promote a business by using the internet and the latest technology in the simplest and effective way.

Tips to Start Business Hotel You Can Try in 2019

Hotel business is one of the businesses with promising profits. But this business is pretty different
from any other kinds of business. In a hotel business, success can be achieved by the owners if they
prioritize human resources. This is why if you want to start a hotel business, you should hire people
who have a passion for hospitality so that you will be able to make your customers feel comfortable
staying in your hotel.

Tips to Start Business Hotel

Moreover, there are several tips that you can follow to help you start a hotel business. Here are the

The Concept

The first thing you have to think of when you are about to start a hotel business is the concept of your
hotel. There are many hotel owners who succeed because they have a creative concept to be applied
in their hotel. So, start thinking about the concept of your hotel. Do you want to build a capsule hotel?
Or do you want to have a fancy hotel instead?

The Fund

This is the most important thing that you must not miss. Without enough fund, it will be hard for you to
start a hotel business and make it established. You must calculate how many funds you need to start
and run a hotel business. If your fund is not really much you can still start a simple and small hotel
business, such as a capsule hotel. In order to start a hotel business, you do not need 100% fund even
though it will be great. You can start a hotel business with 30% to 50% fund and for the rest, you can
get it from other sources. Such as investors and a bank loan.

The Right Location

You must be careful in determining the location of your hotel business because it will bring a great
effect to your business. A location is a determining factor of your hotel business because it will
determine the selling value of your business. A location will indirectly influence the Return On Equity
or ROE and Return On Investment or ROI.

The Feasibility Study

It is very clear that as a business owner, you must clearly know and understand the risks and chances
that will probably happen to your business. By creating a feasibility study, you will be able to have a
clear vision of your business plan. A feasibility study will give you accurate descriptions and details
about the prospects of your hotel business. Moreover, this study will help you to decide what type of
hotel business you should start, how many rooms you should have, the needed facilities, the range
price for each room, the investment you should spend, and how long you will get your investment

The Licensing

You must take care of the permit first before you run your hotel business. The most important permit
is a location permit because without a location permit, you are certainly not able to arrange other
permits from the local government. This is the last tip of how to start a hotel business.

Guide to Set Up The Google Nest Hubs

Google Nest Hubs are the products lineup from Google that is intended to be the competitor of Amazon’s Echo. It is a gadget that provides practical help that comes handy at your home. There is a lot that you can do with the Nest Hub considering it is built with Google Assistant, to control and view through your various connected devices by the integrated dashboard. For instance, it is possible to use the Voice Match feature, to answer text from Google, personalize the settings such as calendar, watching videos from YouTube, playing music from Google music, all by using voice command. These little helps at the right moments would definitely makes your life much easier at home. The major benefit you’d get from the Nest Hub that differs the device from its competitor is its ability to recognize face in order to protect your personal information.

Guide to Set Up The Google Nest Hubs

If you are interested in purchasing this, or already bought one, you may want to know how to connect the Google Nest Hubs with your smart home. Follow the steps below to do so.

Steps to Set Up Google Nest Hubs on Your Own

  1. Plug the Nest Hub in after you’ve unboxing it, then download Google Home app on your smart device. Open the application, tap on the “Set Up 1 Device” to get started.
  2. Google will send verifying numbers containing four digits on the Nest Hub. You have to match the code and tap on option “Next”.
  3. A message asking if you want to “Help improve” would appear soon. You can either choose “Yes” or “No”, as it is only optional. Choosing “No” would not make its performance decreasing.
  4. Choose where you want to place the device inside your home.
  5. Now, the Google Nest Hubs have to be connected with the same signal of Wi-Fi as the one that your smartphone or tablet is using.
  6. A message asking if you want to use “Voice Match” feature will appear. It is a feature that learn could learn to recognize about six difference voices to use as command, to display appointments on the calendars, event reminders, videos and photos, as well as other information. Tap “Yes” if you agree to use it, or “No, thanks” if you don’t want to use the feature. Remember that if you agreed to it, the identifying data on your voice will be saved on Google server.
  7. Link in any entertainment services such as television channel, music, or video streaming services that you want to use on the Google Nest Hubs. They will appear automatically if you use your Google account on the streaming services.
  8. Link in your phone number and account on Google Duo, if you’d like the device to be able to make phone call. Choose “Yes” to agree, or tap on “No, thanks” to skip the feature.
  9. If you are not planning to use the Nest Hub to control or serve information about your smart home, then it can be used as digital photos storage. You may store the pictures from your Google Photos or Google Art Gallery.
  10. At the end of set up, the device will ask you to review the setup decisions you have made. Google Nest Hubs will provide short tutorial related to the device such as the function of the sensor and buttons available.

Once you have done the ten steps of Google Nest Hubs tutorial above, then the device is ready to operate. You may check reviews from the Nest Hub users on the internet. Be aware about the privacy concern because now this device can collect data about your face or voice.

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The Way Technology Helps to Develop a Business

Running a business is not only about serving customers but also finding a way to develop it. One of the ways to develop a business is by improving its technology. Definitely, there is a significant correlation between technology and the development of your business. Let’s talk about it below.

Technology Helps to Develop a Business

The Way Technology Helps to Develop a Business

Technology Simplifies Business Process

Just compare a traditional and high-tech business process. A high-tech business process will be faster and easier than the traditional. It means that your business process is simplified by technology. By using the technology you can do something better than before. For example, you can produce more products by using the latest machine. You can also manage your stocks faster and easier because of the latest software. Even, you can serve more customers because of the technology. Remember! Customers want to serve well and fast and technology can accommodate their need.

Increase Business Income

Another reason why you have to improve technology to develop a business is that you can increase business income. This is because the latest technology can improve service to customers. The more services you can complete, the more customers who give their money. As the result, there will be a significant increase in your business income.

Reduce Cost

It seems that you have to spend extra money to improve the technology. But imagine the long term impact of technology. Because of technology, you might don’t have to spend money for 3 or 4 years or even more. You can use the money to improve business in different sectors. You just need to maintain and treat the technology regularly so it helps you maximally. The point is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money and then allocate the money for a different important thing in the case of improving the business.

Give More Satisfaction to Customers

Let say, you have a beauty center business and you are improving the machine and tools regularly. Because of that, you can help more customers to solve their problems than before. It might be that you can treat their skin less painful or faster than before. It means you make more customers satisfied with your services and products. Definitely, running a business is also about how to make your customers satisfied with your products and services. If you can achieve it, customers will be loyal to you and they will be back to you anytime they want to solve your problem. This is because they know that your technology can help to solve their problem.

The key is selecting the best technology which can really support your business. The latest technology will be unable to develop a business unless it helps your business problems. So, you have to make sure that the technology can simplify and improve the performance of your business. If technology solves your business problems, it works well to serve customers. The thing to do is selecting carefully the old technology you have to replace or improve to make your business process and services better than before.

3 Online Business Ideas You Can Try in 2019

2019 is the year of online business. The internet technology has been developed in such a fast pace. And, it becomes a great platform for many types of online business to bloom. You also should ride this trend and try to taste how to run an online business. Below, we have several ideas you might love to try for your first online business in 2019. Let’s begin!

Online Business Ideas

3 Online Business Ideas You Can Try in 2019

Video Education Service

The main requirement to have for this online business is knowledge or expertise. You must be good at some subject or field. It would be better if you have a lot of experience in that field as well. Then, if you are equipped yourself with certification or license, you will have a great platform to start this business. You can start this business with high credibility and more likely to be trusted by people.

This business is a service provider for people who want to learn something. What you need to do here is creating a video tutorial or educational for those who need it. Then, you share it on the website. Of course, you charge anyone who wants to view or even download your video material. This is where you can get the profit and income.

People use the internet a lot these days. Therefore, this business will help them to access the information they need in the easiest way. And, this is what modern people need.

Micro Niche Affiliate Marketing

Many people see affiliate marketing as the side-job type of business or business that won’t produce a high income. From our point of view, this business is very promising, especially if you are excellent in it. In the best case, you can even become a partner of a big company for their marketing purpose.

Basically, you need to market one product. Remember, you need only one type of product here. Then, find the trusted affiliate marketing program that offers that type of product. Join their program and start the marketing on your website.

When you choose the program, you also need to do some research on the company that provides that program. Make sure they have a chance to survive and even grow in the future. That way, if you plan to run the online affiliate marketing business for a long time, you don’t need to worry about they are going to stop their program.

Online Consultation

It’s also a very promising business. But, you must have the skill and knowledge about the field you are going to take. It would be better if you have a degree in that field.

The income is quite big. In Japan, you can get around $130 per hour for providing online consultation. And, you just need to take a consulting certification course and test to get that amount. Moreover, it can become even bigger, if you have a degree and master in the field.

The most important thing here is creativity. All the ideas we presented above can be perfectly executed if you have creativity. Plus, of course, the knowledge about the business field you choose.

Marketing Strategy to Win A Competition in Online Business Industry

In the era of online business, it is an important thing to decide the best marketing strategy. Indeed, the marketing strategy for online and offline business is different. Moreover, the customers have a different attitude before purchasing a product or using a service. Let’s check the tips about how to develop a good digital marketing strategy to attract more customers and increase sales.

Marketing Strategy to Win A Competition

Marketing Strategy to Win A Competition in Online Business Industry

Decide Your Business Goals

Before deciding the best digital marketing strategy, you need to decide your business goals first. It is an important thing because it helps to determine the best marketing strategy you have to use to boost the business. Let say, your goal is to make people aware of your brand, product, and service. You can also set a goal that you want to introduce a new product to the number of specific people. Just make sure that you have a specific business goal first. Then, you can decide what kind of strategy you need to take. Business goals are flexible and changing so you will also need to decide on a new strategy.

Serve Their Needs

Serving the needs of your customers doesn’t mean that you are offering your product. Serving the needs is that you know what they are looking for when they use the internet. For example, you can give them valuable information about how to get rid of acne, effective and safe diet, and many more. By the time they find what they need and it has to be from you, they will be believed in you. Later, you can start to give an interesting offer related to your products and services to solve their problem.

Build a Business Team

Another digital marketing strategy you can do is building a business team. By building a team means that there are some ideas and thought which might be useful for developing the business. Building means that you can hire new people to be a team or you can develop the skills of your existing team. This team is a valuable asset to find the best marketing strategy because they know what to do. For example, you can let them operate new software, develop social media account, create ads, and many more.

Build a Good Customer Service

It is stated that serving your customers is one of the best marketing strategies. Due to this need, you need to build a good customer service team. This team has an important role to serve people or customers who need something from your service. They have to be ready to answer a variety of questions from the customers. The more comfortable your customers, the bigger the chance for them to buy from you.

The point is that developing an online business is about trust. You have to find the best digital marketing strategy to make people who don’t meet you before giving their trust to you. As the result, they can buy your products and use your services. It seems that digital marketing strategy is more complicated than the traditional strategy but if you can apply the strategy well, you will get a significant result from it.

The Future of Business: Do You Really Need Blockchain for Business?

The modern technology has slowly found itself creeping into the world of business, and blockchain for business has been getting even more popular today than yesterday.

Now that blockchain has become one of the most popular technologies that companies use, there is one question that should be asked by every business owner: should your company incorporate blockchain in its network?

Follow us as we help you find the answer to this increasingly popular question.

The Future of Business: Do You Really Need Blockchain for Business?

How blockchain becomes as popular as it is today

Blockchain is a concept that has been there for a while, but it is only several years ago that it starts to find its way to the business world. It is popular because of many reasons, including but not limited to: being more decentralized, being more secure, and being more immutable.

Those three reasons alone should be enough why a certain company wants to incorporate blockchain into their network. A company, after all, should always be on the move to secure their information while also providing an easier method for its employees to access the information within their network.

Should you try incorporation blockchain for your business?

Before you can find an answer to those questions, you need to ask several other questions beforehand. The first question involves how old your business is, the second about what kind of system you have already applied for your business, and the third about how transaction that your business is doing/hoping to do in each day. All of the three questions work together to determine whether your business requires a blockchain or not.

Let us start with the first question: how old your business is. If your business is still fledgeling, then perhaps you can try incorporating blockchain because you would not be facing any transition problem when you are moving away from the old system into the new one. On the other hand, if your business has already existed for a while, there is a high chance that you already have a working system in place. You need to consider how effective that system is for you and whether your business can thrive under that new system or not.

Which brings us to the second question: the system that you already implement for your business. There is an old adage that says “if it works, don’t fix it” and that old adage applies perfectly well for this blockchain dilemma. If you have an already working system and you feel like changing from one system to another would only lead to further problems and costs, then you have to stick to your old system and incrementally develop it to ensure that it can stand the test of time. There is no point in transitioning into another system if it would not be cost effective or if it would take a lot of your time and power.

Lastly, the amount of transaction you are hoping to conduct in each day. If you are hoping to handle many transactions in each business day, then you are better off using a client-server system instead of a blockchain. Client-server system – though flawed – handles a large amount of transaction better than blockchain system could. There is no hurdle whatsoever between the server and the client, hence increasing the speed of the transaction.

Those three are all the things that you need to take into consideration before you transition/use blockchain for your company. While blockchain is a proven system that undeniably works well, the system itself is still relatively new. Those who use a blockchain system is basically working in the dark thanks to the many unexplored areas found within the world of blockchain. However, it should not be something that dissuades you from using blockchain for business because the system itself is a proven system that has been able to widen the gap between a company’s profit and cost.