3 Simple Features in Gadget for Increasing Your Productivity

3 Simple Features in Gadget for Increasing Your Productivity

Nowadays, people use gadget a lot. However, there are only a few of them know how to optimize their gadget which can increase their productivity. There are still many useful features that people don’t use that often. In fact, if they can use these features, they can get a lot of benefits from it. Here are some of those features you might never think will be able to give you more benefits.

3 Simple Features in Gadget for Increasing Your Productivity

Voice Dictation

You must be familiar with Siri or Google Assistant. As the digital assistant, you just need to speak to your gadget and it will follow your command. Of course, it’s limited to the features that it can provide for you. However, the voice command like this also can be used for voice dictation purpose. All latest gadgets today have this feature.

The voice dictation allows you to turn your voice into texts. It will become a great way to save your time to type your document. By talking to your gadget, your gadget will be able to type the document content like what you said to it. You can save your energy and time. Moreover, it’s also good for your eyes’ health. You don’t need to look at the monitor for hours just to type many pages of the document.

Use Multiple Desktops

When you work with your computer, you will have a hard time to change between windows. Actually, this can be solved by using multiple desktops feature. The multiple desktop features are not like screen split feature like what you can find on many OS today. It literally gives you extra desktop that you can use for different purpose.

MacOS and Windows also have this feature. In MacOS, you need to launch Mission Control and choose the Plus icon on the top of the screen. It will create a new desktop or in MacOS, it’s called Space. For Windows, you can use the Task View menu. Once you open it, you can see the New button that you can use to create a new desktop.

Email Filters

Sometimes, opening your email inbox could become one of the annoying things to do. The reason is there are too many notification emails from many sources, such as social media, newsletter, membership and more. You can solve this problem by creating stronger email filters.

There is an application you can use to do this. But, the simplest way you can use is creating many email addresses for different purposes. So, you only use one email address for newsletter, then different address for your social media account, and so on. This way, you know which email you want to check, when you want to know the email from a certain service or source.


By using all those methods, we believe that you can save your time and energy. It will help you to focus on doing other more useful things for your life. In the end, the technology will show you the true benefits, which is simplifying your life and helping you to relax while doing something optimally.