3 Bad Business Advices You Must Avoid

3 Bad Business Advices You Must Avoid

Having a business mentor help you to solve many problems you are facing when you run your business. Even if you don’t have a mentor, you also can ask for advice to the more experienced businessman. However, sometimes, the advice we receive from our mentor or other businessmen do nothing but giving us more problem. Here are the examples of that counterproductive advice you shouldn’t follow.

3 Bad Business Advices You Must Avoid

Delegate Your Work

“Delegating your work to other people is the correct way to run a business!” This advice sounds like real advice. And, it’s indeed something you need to do in your company. However, if you just start a business, this isn’t advice you are looking for.

Giving the job to other people when you just start your business will only give you more problems. You won’t understand your company real situation. Moreover, there is a higher chance that the delegated person only takes advantage of you. So, it would be better, if you take everything by yourself first. And, once your company has a strong foundation, you can start to hire employees and delegating the job to them.

Do Not Make Friends

“Making friends in business will only give you nothing but trouble.” This is also the wrong advice. However, there is an exception here. Making friends will only give you benefits if you befriend someone that can give you benefit. It means you must carefully choose whose you are going to be friend with. They must be trusted and reliable whenever you need help from them.

Making friends with the correct person will help you to develop your business network. Moreover, you also can get a lot of information, knowledge and even help to run your business. In the end, it will boost your business/company growth.

Stick to the Business Plan

“Follow your business plan from the moment you start your business!” It does make sense. However, you must understand how fast the business world today’s changing pace. The businesses that can survive are those who are able to adapt to the changes. Moreover, the successful business also comes from those who can make innovation out of those changes.

So, sticking to your business plan since the beginning and doesn’t change it at all is the suicidal move. A businessman should have high sensitivity to their surroundings. That way they will be able to notice the opportunities that they can use for their company advantages.


Actually, there are many kinds of business advice that will lead you to some problem, if you follow it as it is. The key here is filtering. You have to be able to know which advice that brings advantage for your company and which one that becomes the source of the problem.Therefore, it’s important for all business owners these days to have enough knowledge and information about the field where they run their business. Remember, today is the information area. Those who have more information will win the competition. This concept is also applicable to today’s business practice.