3 Innovations that Most Likely Will Occurs in The Near Future

3 Innovations that Most Likely Will Occurs in The Near Future

Comparing today’s world with the world 100 years ago, you won’t believe how huge changes that human has been experienced. New technology, a new tool, new innovation, that people in the past never thought will happen or they only thought it will happen in the fantasy world, can be found easily today. Now, can you imagine what kinds of innovation that might occur in the future?

3 Innovations that Most Likely Will Occurs in The Near Future

Actually, we can see and predict what kind of breakthrough that most likely will happen in the near future. Below, we have the list of those innovations that maybe, you will have a chance to see and use it in the future.

The Quantum Computer

Quantum computer is a special computer that can solve a really complicated problem. It is related to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that most likely has reached a high-level today. You can easily find a digital assistant, smart home and such around you. So, with the growth pace of this technology, there is a big possibility that the better quantum computer will be born in the near future.

Self-healing Materials

Some scientist from Indonesia found a unique compound for building a road that can recover its condition when it is damaged or cracked by the vehicle that runs on top of it. Although it’s still in the prototype phase, we can see where it is going.

In the future, if this technology has been successfully developed, it will be very useful. You don’t need to repair your phone case or screen when it’s cracked. You don’t need to take your car to the repair shop after the accident. This will change how the system works in the future. moreover, there are many other advantages.

DNA Storage

A group of scientist from Columbia University and the New York Genome Center (NYGC) has made some breakthrough regarding the way to store DNA data. They create a coding system, which is called DNA fountain that can store 20 GB of data of synthetic DNA strand. This capacity is much bigger (100 times bigger) than what Microsoft has, which only capable of storing 200 MB of data.

There are many benefits we can get from this invention. For example, if you find the rare and endangered animal, you can map its DNA and store it in the DNA storage. So, if the natural method to breed and preserve this animal doesn’t produce the result, we can use the DNA code to clone them. At least it will give the special much longer time to live in this world.


Those three breakthroughs maybe are the most plausible breakthrough that you can see in the near future. But, we won’t know what will happen with technology development today. There is a chance that there will be big innovation in technology that can boost the development of other technology. And, you may never believe that something you only had in your mind will come into reality much faster than those three.