Guide to Set Up The Google Nest Hubs

Google Nest Hubs are the products lineup from Google that is intended to be the competitor of Amazon’s Echo. It is a gadget that provides practical help that comes handy at your home. There is a lot that you can do with the Nest Hub considering it is built with Google Assistant, to control and view through your various connected devices by the integrated dashboard.

For instance, it is possible to use the Voice Match feature, to answer text from Google, personalize the settings such as calendar, watching videos from YouTube, playing music from Google music, all by using voice command. These little helps at the right moments would definitely makes your life much easier at home. The major benefit you’d get from the Nest Hub that differs the device from its competitor is its ability to recognize face in order to protect your personal information.


If you are interested in purchasing this, or already bought one, you may want to know how to connect the Google Nest Hubs with your smart home. Follow the steps below to do so.

Steps to Set Up Google Nest Hubs on Your Own

  1. Plug the Nest Hub in after you’ve unboxing it, then download Google Home app on your smart device. Open the application, tap on the “Set Up 1 Device” to get started.
  2. Google will send verifying numbers containing four digits on the Nest Hub. You have to match the code and tap on option “Next”.
  3. A message asking if you want to “Help improve” would appear soon. You can either choose “Yes” or “No”, as it is only optional. Choosing “No” would not make its performance decreasing.
  4. Choose where you want to place the device inside your home.
  5. Now, the Google Nest Hubs have to be connected with the same signal of Wi-Fi as the one that your smartphone or tablet is using.
  6. A message asking if you want to use “Voice Match” feature will appear. It is a feature that learn could learn to recognize about six difference voices to use as command, to display appointments on the calendars, event reminders, videos and photos, as well as other information. Tap “Yes” if you agree to use it, or “No, thanks” if you don’t want to use the feature. Remember that if you agreed to it, the identifying data on your voice will be saved on Google server.
  7. Link in any entertainment services such as television channel, music, or video streaming services that you want to use on the Google Nest Hubs. They will appear automatically if you use your Google account on the streaming services.
  8. Link in your phone number and account on Google Duo, if you’d like the device to be able to make phone call. Choose “Yes” to agree, or tap on “No, thanks” to skip the feature.
  9. If you are not planning to use the Nest Hub to control or serve information about your smart home, then it can be used as digital photos storage. You may store the pictures from your Google Photos or Google Art Gallery.
  10. At the end of set up, the device will ask you to review the setup decisions you have made. Google Nest Hubs will provide short tutorial related to the device such as the function of the sensor and buttons available.

Once you have done the ten steps of Google Nest Hubs tutorial above, then the device is ready to operate. You may check reviews from the Nest Hub users on the internet. Be aware about the privacy concern because now this device can collect data about your face or voice.

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