Things You Get When You Buy Linux VPS from 1Gbits

Things You Get When You Buy Linux VPS from 1Gbits

Virtual Private Servers or VPS is one of the best solutions to simplify your online or virtual activities. Companies or internet users can have an effective IT management. Nowadays, VPS is compatible with all types of operating systems, including Linux. One of the trusted Linux VPS providers is 1Gbits. Let’s take a look at the details below, so you can buy Linux VPS just like what you need.

Things You Get When You Buy Linux VPS from 1Gbits


You can enjoy several great features when you use Linux VPS by 1Gbits. One of them is wider locations. The provider has servers in several countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Romania, and also Lithuania. The location of the servers allows you to use the VPS anywhere you want.

The VPS system is compatible with the most popular Linux operating systems, including Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD. You can use the VPS faster and in a great performance, it doesn’t matter the Linux operating system.

Moreover, you can also use the service immediately. Once you finish the payment, the service is ready to use within 15 minutes. The provider supports the VPS service with the latest Intel and Supermicro hardware and high-speed HDD in RAID10 configuration.

You will also get 24/7 support services and contact them with several options. You can send your questions via the ticketing system, emails, phone calls, Skype, and online chat. The team will try to answer your question right away. They will try to give the best solution, so you can use the service normally just like before.

The Support from the Provider 

So, what does the provider do to support your online or virtual activities with its VPS service? When you buy Linux VPS by 1Gbits, you are about to use a VPS with high-end hardware such as the latest Intel processor and Supermicro hardware. The provider uses high-quality hardware to provide stable and efficient servers. The stable performance is also because the provider uses a powerful Vmware ESXi hypervisor.

Linux VPS Plans by 1Gbits 

1Gbits offers 4 different plans which are Linux VPS 1, Linux VPS 2, Linux VPS 3, and Linux VPS 4. The difference between each of the plans is on the CPU, RAM, and HDD. Linux VPS 1 is using 1-core CPU, along with 512 MB RAM and 10GB HDD. On the other hand, Linux VPS 2, Linux VPS 3, and Linux VPS 4 are using 2-core CPU. Linux VPS 2 has 1024 MB RAM capacity whereas Linux VPS 3 has 2048 MB RAM and Linux VPS 4 has 4096 MB RAM.

The HDD is also different in which Linux VPS 2 is using 25GB HDD whereas Linux VPS 3 and 4 are using 40GB and 60GB HDD. All of the plans are offering unlimited Bandwidth. The 4 plans are using 1 free IP V4 and V6. They are compatible with all types of Linux Operating Systems such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD. Indeed, you will get full SSH access no matter the plan you choose.


1Gbits offers the Linux VPS at affordable prices. The lowest price is $15 per month and the highest price is $60. You can also choose to use $22 or $40 per month to get a great online or virtual experience.

Steps to Order 

The way to buy Linux VPS by 1Gbits is easy. You only have to do 3 simple steps. First, you have to configure your VPS service. This is the step where you choose the plan, location, operating system, control panel, fully managed support or not, and whether you want to use extra IP or not.

The configuration you choose determines the cost of the VPS service. Second, once you configure the VPS you want to use, you have to login or register to your account.

Third, check the cost you have to pay on the pricing cart. Finish the payment and let the provider set your VPS for 15 minutes. That’s it! you can use the VPS service to support and achieve your goals such as running applications, software, and others. You can use customer support tools if there is a problem during the registration process.


1Gbits is trying to support users who need VPS service for Linux. The service makes Linux users work immediately such as operating applications, software, and many more. Linux VPS provides a sophisticated system that allows you to run multiple platforms. Just check the details on the official website and buy Linux VPS that you need. Indeed, 1Gbits offers great plans at reasonable prices. You will get benefits just like what you have paid.